The Manhattan Beach Website has been down for a month. It’s a strong possibility that someone hacked our website preventing us from logging onto it. Our democracy is not to be taken for granted and continuously needs to be nurtured and safeguarded.  If it is the sharing of a date for a meeting or criticizing an elected official, we have the first amendment freedom of speech (and press) to express the views and opinions of the Manhattan Beach Community Group. And we will continue to do so despite acts of destructiveness.Our website,, has been in operation for nearly seven years. In those years we have posted information to help you.  In the days and weeks after Hurricane Sandy, we posted every piece of information that we found to help you get your power restored, your homes fixed and more. We posted communications from the City with phone numbers that the City did not want you to have. We did it anyway to help you.
Fixing our website means we lost our content and have to rewrite our posts. It will take us a little time to redesign the site but in the meantime we are back in business.
It is with pleasure, we announce our next meeting on Feb. 26th, 8 PM Wednesday  at PS 195. We will be presenting a speaker from FEMA to answer any concerns you have.  Our police and some of our elected officials will also be present for you to query.
It’s good to be back!