Sign Up for Curbside Composting Service

Considering the fact that our community had/has multiple problems recently with rodents and other unwanted “visitors” to backyards, front and side yards along with the fact that many homeowners don’t cover their refuse containers, we are asking you, once again, to participate in the Dept. of Sanitation re-instituted composting initiative for household waste.  
Please note:  if there aren’t enough homeowners who volunteer to participate, Sanitation will not bring the program back to Manhattan Beach!!   We are urging everyone to respond to Sanitation’s request.  This program is a benefit to our community and we urge everyone to participate.

Sign Up and Stay Informed

Sign-up is now open! If you are in an eligible neighborhood, the sanitation dept. will notify you when service will start in our area. 

Brown Bins

If you do not have a DSNY-issued brown bin, you can request one when you sign up and we will deliver it before your service begins.