Reminder: May 30th is the Due Date for the 2019 “PEENOT” Sign Competition

Manhattan Beach Community Group


2019 “PEENOT” Sign Competition

There are many reasons to have a healthy street trees in our neighborhood. Trees clean our air, reduce stress, provide us with oxygen, provide much-needed cooling, reduce the effects of climate change, save energy, benefit wildlife, increase property values and reduce storm water runoff. To educate our youngest to love a green environment. We set up a fun and challenge competition. Below is the detailed information. The sign should measure 7” (wide) X 5” (high). The ‘Peenot on trees’ signs will be judged on – 1 Originality 2 Communication 3 Simplicity 4 Humor.

 Entries should be sent to by May 30th. There will be three categories:

1) Open to All, 2) Junior High School, and 3) Elementary School.

A cash award and a certificate will be given to first place winners in each category. Certificates will be given to each category’s first three runners-up. The award ceremony will take place 7:30 PM June 19th at PS 195 (Irwin Street & Hampton Ave). Winning contestants will have their signs placed in the community to help keep our neighborhood green. All entries should include category (Open, JHS, or Elementary School), as well as contact information. The winners will be notified during the first week of June.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us via email at PEENOTONTREES@GMAIL.COM