OUTRAGE, Another Death on Oriental Blvd

On Saturday around 3 PM there was a collision between a motorcyclist and a car that resulted in the subsequent death of the motorcyclist.  The details I have include the fact that pedestrians, a father and two children, were also taken to a hospital by ambulance.  I was given this information by people who were at the scene immediately after the accident took place.

I am told that the car was making a right hand turn from Oriental Blvd onto Beaumont Street and the motorcyclist was doing the same thing…making the turn…with both vehicles coming in contact with one another.  It is not clear if the car was on the “zebra stripes” or where the motorcyclist was.

Speaking for the Manhattan Beach Community Group and having been called Saturday to the accident scene, I am sickened by these events.  I don’t know the cause of this particular accident; however, more attention must be paid to Oriental Boulevard and Shore Boulevard where speeding is rampant and reckless driving is a constant.  There are thousands of all kinds of motor vehicles that use these streets and not only are motorists at risk, but pedestrians are in danger as well.

 It is time for the Department of Transportation to stop their “studies” and their “talk,” and to recognize the daily dangers on these boulevards and do something!!!

The Manhattan Beach Community Group Traffic Committee has already taken steps to remedy this situation.

Judy Baron, President,
Manhattan Beach Community Group