NYC Office of Emergency Management (NYCEM) Meeting – Wednesday, May 22, 2019

IMPORTANT MEETING, MAY 22, 2019 PS 195, 131 IRWIN ST. 7:30 PM

The information you will receive at this meeting could save your life Since the devastation of Super Storm Sandy in 2012, our community, as well as other shorefront communities in the New York area, have been pressing the Federal Government–which is ultimately responsible for the security of our territorial waters and coastline–for answers and action on protecting us from any such terrible repeats. Answers have been painfully slow in coming, and action seems to be impeded by bureaucratic wrangling and responsibility-shifting.

Meanwhile, the NYC Office of Emergency Management (NYCEM) has been developing plans to help the residents of our communities avoid serious injury and loss of life. They have created easy-to-use guides that include fill-in areas for personal use to determine and list individual needs, as well as instructions on how–and who–to notify if they have special needs, such as for mobility assistance, the need for life-sustaining equipment, etc.

Our meeting on May 22nd will feature representatives from NYCEM, who will provide this literature and explain the resources it describes. There are both English and Russian versions of the same, reflecting the languages that prevail in our community. We have requested that they bring sufficient packets of these so that everyone will be able to take one home and be comfortable using them.

Bring a Neighbor…Bring a friend…Light refreshments.

We urge everyone to attend!