Manhattan Beach Community Clean-up

Thanks to Justin Bulova from Grades of Green organized the Bi-Coastal Cleanup, from Manhattan Beach, New York to Manhattan Beach California on this past Saturday, September 21. Many thanks to all the volunteers for their efforts and contribution to our community and the environment. Special thanks to Senator Andrew Gounardes and Assemblyman Steven Cymbrowitz for their support of and attendance at this event. In New York, The Manhattan Beach Bay cleanup site, there were 65 volunteers from iMishpacha, Manhattan Beach Community Group, Reprise Digital, Bowery Farming and the Third Rail, volunteers collected 936 pounds of trash covering a coastal territory that stretches just over one mile. Recycling 936 pounds of trash saves 17 Gallons of Oil, 38 Gallons of Water and 101 Hours of Electricity. 936 pounds of commingled materials is about as heavy as a bear, nearly as heavy as a grand piano, and weighs more than a horse. Volunteers filled 34 heavy-duty trash bags, and even educated 9 members of the community during the cleanup; informing them of the environmental impact littering by the bay has on the eco-system.