Anti-Semitism Has No Place In Manhattan Beach

To the Manhattan Beach Community, 

It is with great sadness and disgust that I send this message to you.  

Early Sunday morning, on Exeter Street, several homes and properties were spray painted with anti-semetic hateful messages along with swastikas. 

We have been in contact with Councilman Deutsch and the police department.  

There is zero tolerance for this type of behavior in any community, anywhere! 

The events took place after midnight.  We urge you to do several things: 
            1.  be vigilant—if you see something—say something—call 911 even if you think the action you see might be innocent. 

            2.  if you have a surveillance camera on your property—make sure it is operative. 

            3.  if you happen to have footage on your camera that might look suspicious, please call 911 and ask for the Hate Crimes Task Force. 

We learned about this situation from a member of the community and our Police Liaison took immediate steps to speak with the 61st Precinct, we also spoke directly with Councilman Deutsch who has already taken an active involvement in what has happened. 

There should be no doubt in anyone’s mind that the Manhattan Beach Community Group will be actively involved in helping to pursue the people involved in this hateful crime.  

Judy Baron,