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Pictures from Sunday, August 30 Clean Up Event

Community Service is part of living in a community.  When things don’t always go our way, sometimes we have to act.  The following is one example….you are invited to join us next Sunday, Sept. 6 at 9 AM (West End and Shore)…6 ft. distancing–equipment, T-shirts, gloves, hand sanitizer etc. provided.  We are particularly interested in seeing more of our teens getting involved to help send the message that Parks should be respected.

Below is the email message from Mariya Markh, who organized this cleanup event.  

“Thank you so much for a great event yesterday! It was a great success. We had 20 adults and 10 kids that came out and helped. People were walking up to volunteers and asking how they can help. Next Sunday should be really great too! I can’t wait. ” 

Manhattan Beach Cleanup

Do you remember? Last fall the Manhattan Beach Community Group participated in a world-wide clean-up event partnering with a beach in Manhattan Beach, California.  That September morning we made a huge “dent” in  ridding our Park on Shore Boulevard of accumulated debris.  We believe those that worked on that project, in particular our young residents, learned about litter and community involvement.  Having said this, we have another opportunity to “attack” the Shore Boulevard NYC Park.  Working with Mariya Markh, Senior Community Liaison from the Mayor’s office, the Manhattan Beach Community Group is joining with residents, IMishpacha and a high school group led by a teen Manhattan Beach resident to do another clean up of the park on Shore.If you joined us last year, you know how successful and even how much fun and rewarding it turned out.  We are inviting both adults and young people to join us again this year….LET’S DO IT!!!  Equipment will be provided…gloves, garbage bags, brooms, trash pickers, grabbers etc.  Participants should bring their own masks and water.

Sundays:  Aug. 30 and Sept. 6.  Time: 9:00 am.

Meet at Holocaust Park (Shore Blvd. and West End Ave.)

SIGN UP:  let us know how many people from your family will be joining us and what dates.  This way we can have a rough idea of how many people will participate and have enough supplies for everyone who arrives.


phone:  718-200-1845